Form and function go hand-in-hand. Physical spaces effect our actions, behaviors, mentality, moods and our state of being. Organization and structure empower you to get ahold of your daily life through the many ways you interact with, and experience, your surroundings. Spaces should be as efficient as they are creative. Having stuff in order prepares you to take over the world, or at least have fun while living in it! It's a vital part of how we live, and we truly believe that an organized space makes a HAPPY space: one you're happy to live in, that works for you on a day-to-day basis with minimal ongoing effort once established, and which inspires you to keep it together! Sky fish helps you eliminate stress and increase productivity, so that you can turn your focus on finding happiness and fulfillment, even in (especially in!) the small things.



  • closet refresh

    It's time to find out what you actually have to wear

  • high-end resale/consigment

    Get money! We resell designer accessories, clothing + shoes for you 

  • closet systems

    A step above a "refresh," systems entail space reformatting, such as shelving

  • decluttering + downsizing

    Say no to hoarding (because the hoarders on TV are weird)

  • packing + unpacking

    You could use an extra set of hands, and we make things disappear in a flash

  • lifestyle systems

    Coordinated spaces to streamline each household member's daily activities 

  • paper management

    Folders: they're our friends 

  • photos + memorabilia

    Can we finally all agree that the participation trophies have gotten a bit out of hand?

  • collections + inventories

    Paperweights, bugs, snow globes, frog statues...time to get it together and collect yourself

  • digital

    This is a referral service, but we know just the computer nerd to call


"Organization simply makes for a more stress-free life. It allows you to spend more time with those you love, and for doing the activities you enjoy; it's a vital part of being fulfilled and happy in your everyday."

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