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Grounded, but graphic and colorful. Modern and edgy, yet cozy. Clean, but with dimension and depth. Practical, but with a hint of sparkle...


There's a lot at play, and that's the point. The sky fish design"style" is to invoke a desire in you to have fun. Everything but kindness is negotiable when working with us on a design project! Interiors shouldn't feel stuffy, and neither should the process of working with an interior designer. The creative process (and the way we forever and always promise to collaborate with our clients, no matter what) is easy-going, light-hearted, unafraid of risk, open-minded and receptive. It's full of love for creating something together that's deeply personal, as much as it is love and pride in the final creation. You should feel invigorated, refreshed, and fiercely captivated by working with sky fish - just like you should by living, working and simply being in your space.  



"I will never lead my clients down a path of design that doesn’t have strength against time. When following trends the client or I love, or when creating an eclectic atmosphere, I still ensure that the design is easily transferable as the space is used, time passes, and as the people I designed it for grow into (or out of) it. Healthy environments are adaptive to life - fact - but also vibrant and beautiful. "

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